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My goal is to delight and invite the viewer to look deeper. To involve people in a way that is sometimes physical, sometimes cerebral. Social commentary with a light-heartedness and playful honesty.

Experience have taught me to not be overly occupied with a specific style, knowing that personal influences appear regardless. Influences are drawn from my personal connections to masters from Vincent van Gogh to Thomas Hart-Benton. 

My use of found, natural, and re-purposed materials is as organic as the materials are themselves. I truly feel my mission is to : Serve as a mouthpiece, for it is the found objects that speak to me."

Arte povera assemblage means literally 'poor art' and its artists used throwaway materials in order to challenge and disrupt the values of the commercialized art world." 

Defining art is as troublesome as defining a human being, assigning labels can be equally misleading. If I fall into a category of folk or outsider, then label me that, however a work of art must involve a leap of imagination and the ingredients of this visual pun are as diverse as my masala spirit.

Robert McFate is a folk artist whose painting, drawings, and sculptures have an innocence backed up by backwoods wisdom. 

Keith Banner
Thunder-Sky Gallery, Cincinnati

Robert McFate is a very interesting artist. There's always a story to his paintings. I'm always amazed at such talent. 

Joni Ginn
Angel Station, Alabama

Meet Robert McFate

Robert McFate


In July of 2012 , Robert changed his focus from custom work to a more personal expression. He signal this new direction by embracing his given name of Robert in this encore period of this artist's life, making the move to Cincinnati to pursue this new vision. Robert McFate StudioI hope that I have created some work that the viewer will give a home. I see beauty in objects overlooked, yet gleaned for new life.


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